Me and my team of workers are highly skilled and can train any skill on any type of account. I am personally sick and tired of seeing 'service providers' hire bums and when mistakes happen hide behind their terms of service and not take responsibility for bans, emptying of banks and dieing on HCIM.


For now I am offering scratch HCIM to 99 FM , 99 Agility, 70 Agility or mixtures and will make new account in the highly unlikely it dies. I am also willing to offer insurance for trusted users on their accounts and offer them rebuild of exact same account in the highly unlikely event of a ban however this is dependant on the user and very unlikely to be the case for bought accounts as someone 'trusted' may buy an account off a random for cheap get it banned themselves and then make me make them an account with them as original owner and profit of my honest work.


I will personally work on Ironman's with large wealth and as for emptying of banks for normal accounts I will personally log in and remove excess wealth and trade it back to owner if they can not be asked / too tired to trade over valuables. If you have any questions feel free to message me on discord. My discord has a bot which shows all prices but here are rough estimates. I am open to negotiate terms, speed etc.